Much like the results shown by Speizer mais aussi al

Much like the results shown by Speizer mais aussi al

Current contraceptive use models controlling for socio-demographic characteristics show that the relationships are generally in the expected direction, such that men who are younger are more likely to use modern methods than be non-users or use traditional methods as compared to men who are older (data not shown). Less educated men are less likely to use modern methods and more likely to be a non-user than more educated men. Likewise, men with fewer children are less likely to use modern methods and more likely to be a non-user than men with six or more children. with female data , the poorest men are the least likely to use modern methods. The key city-specific difference was that men from Aligarh are more likely to use traditional methods than modern methods and more likely to be non-users than be traditional method users than men from Gorakhpur (the reference group). The differences are all significant at the p < 0.05 level and remain similar in models that include the gender measures (not shown). b The association between men's desire to have more children in future and modern method use is significant; the men with desire to have no more children or want to delay child bearing for two or more years are more likely be the current contraceptive users.

Latest progressive means choice

Inside point i expose brand new multivariate study regarding latest modern contraception means choice additionally the relationship into the three gender tips and additionally to the social and you can group covariates.

Intercourse methods and you can birth-control method choices

New unadjusted coefficients to possess intercourse sensitive and painful decision-making demonstrate that with mention of the men which have reduced GSDM rating, the males with a high or modest GSDM score are significantly more planning use condoms than sterilization (Desk six)paring additional modern means have fun with up against sterilization, new guys which have modest GSDM get is significantly more going to fool around with almost every other modern measures than simply sterilization (find Model step one). The fresh condom use up against other modern measures shows that with regard into the boys with lowest GSDM, the guys with high GSDM are way more probably explore condoms and boys having average GSDM try decreased browsing explore condoms than many other progressive measures. Whenever modified to have social and you will group circumstances (look for Model 2), the results will always be essentially just like the unadjusted results.

The study from RWM get and you will approach possibilities are also exhibited inside Dining table 6. The research shows an equivalent, unexpected trend because try receive for current contraception explore. Each other unadjusted and you may modified coefficients having limiting mobility advise that having regard to highly limiting males, the fresh people which have less and you will modest limitations are decreased more than likely to use condoms or other modern methods compared to the sterilizationparison regarding condom fool around with up against almost every other modern methods failed to reveal an effective significant connection with constraints with the wife’s freedom (Table 6).

However, whenever personal and you may group regulation are included, no significant relationship is seen involving the Jewels rating and men’s opportunities to utilize condoms or any other progressive tips over sterilization.

Eventually, in the bottom out of Desk 6, the outcome along with every sex methods handling towards the public and you can group details was showed. The results of these analyses act like men and women a lot more than appearing you to definitely GSDM was absolutely and you may RWM is actually adversely associated with the means solutions, particularly that have selection of condoms or any other progressive steps over sterilization. The results of the almost every other demographic details are nevertheless equivalent into inclusion of one’s sex tips (not shown).

Socio-group characteristics and you can current birth prevention strategy choices

The latest multinomial outcomes for contraception alternatives among most recent progressive birth control pages inform you the outcomes sure-enough; more youthful guys and men which have less youngsters are expected to be condom users and other progressive means pages versus sterilization pages. Faster knowledgeable guys are less inclined to become condom pages or almost every other progressive strategy profiles compared to sterilization pages. Poorer people and you will boys regarding slums will features sterilized spouses rather than end up being condom and other progressive strategy users. The brand new boys who are in need of no longer children otherwise individuals who want to impede having another man for 2 age or higher are very likely to have fun with other progressive contraception procedures next the individuals wanted another boy contained in this a couple of years months (not revealed).

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